Achieving your Congressional Award goals during COVID-19

The Wyoming Congressional Award Council wants our participants to stay safe and follow current social distancing and self-isolation practices. We understand that following these practices will make achieving your current Congressional Awards goals difficult. Luckily, our program is designed to be flexible for participants.

Latest News

  • The Congressional Award - Personal Finance Program powered by Intuit -The Congressional Award Foundation has partnered with Intuit, maker of TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint, to develop our first ever personal finance program to help you own your financial future while earning hours towards your personal development goal.

  • Participants may submit Virtual Expeditions/Explorations through December 2021: Due to travel restrictions and safety concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, all participants will be able to submit Virtual Expeditions/Explorations with modified guidelines through January 1, 2021. Each participant will be required to choose a country/location and pick activities from the guide below to explore the history, culture, and customs of the location they have chosen. If multiple countries or locations are chosen, participants will be given the option to compare and contrast the locations through their activities and research. 



We want to take this time to thank all those who work in the medical community, first responders and those working on the frontlines like grocery store workers! 



Please share your ideas about how you are fulfilling your goals and volunteer service efforts to

Sally at - sally@wcac.us

Don't worry. The Congressional Award program is flexible.

  • Participants have until their 24th birthday to complete any level of the award, removing any perceived timeline pressure and allowing participants to safely and comfortably complete their activities.

  • Activities DO NOT have to be logged in consecutive months. You may pause your goals and resume them at any point, completing the program at your own pace.

  • During the next few months, our team is prepared to show more leniency with direct vs. indirect service requirements, enabling participants to complete the bulk of their activities from the safety of their homes.

  • Participants may change or adjust their goals to suit social distancing and self-isolation practices.

Making Masks

Making handmade cloth personal protective gear (PPE) for your medical and community members is a great way to make a difference.


Check the website of your local hospital or call them to see what is needed.

2020-0402-wcac-COVID-19 Copy (1).png

Voluntary public service ideas that fit social distancing

  • Volunteering remotely for nonprofit organizations: Contact your local community organizations and ask what is needed. A recent survey by the Wyoming Nonprofit Network found that more than 70% of Wyoming nonprofits have experienced or anticipate experiencing a disruption of service to clients and the community.  

  • Assisting with remote learning: Contact your school district or teachers and ask how you can help educators or maybe even offer virtual tutoring/mentoring.

  • Donating blood the safe way. First, you need to discuss this with your parent/guardian. Click here for an FAQ about donating blood during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Writing letters and emails: During this time of self-isolation, think about sending letters to those serving in the armed forces abroad, seniors in nursing homes, children in medical isolation, or persons under quarantine. For those isolated in nursing homes, maybe ask about the possibility of calling residents. You could also write thank you letters to those on the front lines fighting COVID-19. We recommend contacting the facility/organization before starting a letter campaign. Below are some places looking for volunteers.


Personal Development Goals

The Congressional Award challenges you to pursue a new interest or advance to another level in an ongoing interest, through personal development activities.  Many organizations are offering free online classes, webinars, and workshops that can be completed from home.

Physical Fitness Goals

The Congressional Award challenges you to set and achieve a measurable goal in physical activity. During this time of self-isolation practices, think about what new goals you can set for yourself and achieve while at home?

ABOUT THE VIDEO: Trying to meet your fitness goals takes a little creativity during COVID-19. In Weston County, 2020 Congressional Award gold medalist Weston Heeren uses his dog for weightlifting.