Wyoming Congressional Award Advisors change the world, pure and simple.

The Advisor’s Role and Responsibilities

  • Affirm that the participant has registered with The Congressional Award.

  • With the participant, review The Congressional Award requirements and guidelines as provided in the Program Book.

  • Assist the participant in setting goals that are personally challenging, achievable, worthwhile, measurable, and fulfilling.

  • Help the participant identify appropriate activities and qualified Validators for each goal.

  • Maintain periodic contact with the participant while he or she works toward The Congressional Award.

  • If the participant needs to revise goals, help him or her set new goals and find activities to achieve them.

  • Encourage the participant to obtain written comments and signatures from his or her validators as soon as an individual goal has been met.

  • Once the participant has completed the set activities for a given Award level, review his or her records and help complete the Record Book. Please be sure to provide comments. Make certain that you and the participant keep a photocopy of the Record Book.

  • Once the participant has mailed in the Record Book, work with him or her to set new goals and begin working on the next level of the Award.

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“This age group of youth has so much to offer. Once you've spent time with them, you see just how valuable they are. Once they realize you care about what they care about, they respond.” 


— Dianne Kirkbride, Cheyenne

Volunteers like you make a difference in Wyoming. But don't just take our word for it.

The Corporation for National & Community Service reports that 147,000 Wyoming residents volunteered in 2017. That adds up to an estimated economic value of more than $320.2 million.

Which, of course, is pretty amazing.

Nearly 33% of all Wyoming volunteers engaged in a volunteer mentoring relationship in 2017. Mentoring is a rewarding experience, no doubt—but the true impact of mentoring Wyoming Congressional Award  youth is the ripple effect it causes. When you provide steady encouragement and support to an aspiring medalist, you empower that youth to set out on his or her own accord to make a difference. We like to say Wyoming Congressional Award participants see the world, serve the world, and change the world; they are able to build successful habits and achieve those lofty ideals in part because of your guidance as a mentor.



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(307) 514-2004

Sarah Compton, Executive Director, sarah@wcac.us

Sally Morse, Program Manager - sally@wcac.us

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The Congressional Award  was established by Public Law 96-114 and is a 501(c)(3) IRS-designated tax exempt organization.