Apply to the Program

Thank you for registering for the Congressional Award.  Before completing your registration, read all instructions carefully.  This is a prestigious program and your best work should always be displayed.  

You may begin counting any activity or hours toward earning the Congressional Award from the date of your registration form.   Processing of application in the state office may take up to two weeks.

Complete registration packets will be accepted by WCAC for processing. Incomplete registration packets may need to be returned to finalize the registration; however, you may continue to count any activity or hours beginning the date of initial registration.

Registration packets must include:

❏ Registration Form

❏ Registration fee of $15 or request for financial assistance (Participants requesting financial assistance must complete the PRINT registration process.)

❏ Summary of Goal Plan

❏ Goals clearly written

❏ Months indicated by an X or shaded box

❏ Physical Fitness goal(s) are measurable. A beginning skill level must indicated or the final goal desired showing measurable gains is not shown.

❏ Personal Development goal(s) indicate that new learning will take place or that you will expand on a current skill.

Questions may be addressed to Trista Ostrom, Executive Director, at 307-514-2004 or .

To get started, decide whether you would like to use the Online Registration process or the printable mail-in registration process and click on the cooresponding link below.

IMPORTANT: Participants who register online MUST pay the registration fee electronically. Participants who wish to pay the registration fee with cash or check OR would like to request financial assistance MUST use the Print Registration process.