The core components of the Congressional Award are voluntary public service, personal development, physical fitness and expedition/exploration.  If you are ready to challenge yourself in these four areas while making a real difference, this opportunity may be just what you are looking for!

Participants set individualized and challenging goals in four areas.  Upon attainment of the goals and time requirements, participants are presented with a Bronze, Silver or Gold Certificate or Medal.  Each person’s road to earning the Congressional Award is personal and individualized.  Any young person aged 13 ½ to 23 can earn the Congressional Award regardless of prior or current achievement, life circumstances or physical ability.

"My involvement in the Congressional Award is the single most personally fulfilling and societally important experience of my life.  I experienced momentous physical and mental growth, traveld throughout the state of Wyoming, met our state leaders, and enjoyed many activities such as camping, hiking and white water rafting.  It was undoubtedly the most important aspect of my college applications."—Samuel Streeter, Gold Medal Alumni

"This program is unmatched by any other youth organization.  The program is self-driven and the goals are those you set for yourself."—Deb Dolph, Parent and Advisor

"The Congressional Award is an exceptional program that gives students the pathway to make a difference in themselves and their communities.  Those who participate are experiencing firsthand the importance of being involved in helping others."—Deborah Burke, Counselor and Advisor

"The Congressional Award provides the opportunity for EVERY young adult to recognize their inner worth and potential!"—Cathy Lynch, Parent

“The Congressional Award program is the nation’s best-kept motivational secret for our youth!  I have been personally involved with the program and nearly fifty highly motivated Wyoming young persons who have completed requirements and have received Bronze, Silver or Gold Medals.  These young people have included academically gifted and academically disadvantaged.  The program has included outstanding all-state athletes and physically handicapped.  I have witnessed participation by the healthiest of young people and those terminally ill.  I have witnessed one award recipient who, as an abandoned child, received her award in the united presence of her original family, together for the first time in many years.  The Congressional Award is truly available to ALL!”
—Dr. Jeff A. Jacobsen, Principal

Participant Spotlight


Participant Kayleigh Skolnick is a 2013 Congressional Award Gold Medalist and has earned the Bronze and Silver Awards.

Skolnick said her favorite part was meeting tons of new people and working with my community.

For voluntary public service, Skolnick volunteered at the Old West Museum and the local hospital. She also made blankets for children at St. Judes Hospital and participated in the youth service retreat in Sheridan.  Skolnick took piano lessons and worked on a History Day project for her goals in personal development. For physical fitness, she trained for a 5k race and increased her batting average.

“I highly suggest this to everyone. It is a really fun program,” Skolnick said. “It is worth working every hour.”  Skolnick is from Cheyenne, Wyoming, and hopes to become a pediatric oncologist.