Potential Advisor,

The Congressional Award is a nationally recognized, prestigious award that is given to students who work to improve their communities and themselves. It is also the highest award for youth legislated by the United States Congress and is a noncompetitive program designed to honor young people for their commitment to public service and personal development. The Congressional Award challenges young people to develop skills in goal setting, discipline, initiative, time management and record keeping.

As a leader in your community, you have the opportunity to reach young people through school, church, civic organizations or even as a neighbor. Advisors serve as mentors and help participants set goals to begin working toward earning a medal. If you are able to designate up to twelve hours over the course of one year, you can assist in shaping the future of a young person interested in accepting the Congressional Award challenge.

While any 14 to 23 year old may pursue the Congressional Award, it takes the dedication of adult volunteers to help them realize their full potential. We are confident that earning the Congressional Award will create future opportunities and will insert a pattern of service in every young person’s life who accepts this challenge. Because the requirements to earn the Congressional Award are rigorous, each young person will emerge a more confident, active citizen who possesses stronger leadership and communication skills. Registrations are accepted any time of year and I urge you to review the program requirements as well as encourage youth in your community to participate in the Congressional Award.

Recipients are honored by members of the U.S. Congress and will receive local and state recognition. In addition, each Gold medalist is presented with a scholarship to be used for higher education at an accredited school. Gold Medal recipients also have the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. to receive their Gold Medal on Capitol Hill with the assistance of the Wyoming Council to offset the costs so the burden to the family is lessened. Our state award ceremonies are held in the spring of each year and the Gold Medal ceremony is typically held during the third week of June.

Our staff is available to discuss the Congressional Award opportunity with you in more detail at your convenience. Informational materials can also be sent per your request or can be downloaded from our website at Thank you for investing your time in our young leaders who will shape tomorrow.

In the spirit of service,
Trista Ostrom
Executive Director
Wyoming Congressional Award Council


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